last Wednesday of each month 
7pm - 8pm

Step up or into this unique space
of hospitable intimacy that welcomes all voices to the conversation.


readings ~ songs ~ dances ~ plays ~ lectures ~ demonstrations ~ visual art ~ reviews

We send the Zoom link to our email list the day of the event!
LINE UP for RANT! March 31

Laurie Panther will read two poems. 

Sylvie Weil will be reading from her new book (about to be released!  

Last month's RANT! we created a terrific 17-person poem with words cut out of printed pages. 

This month’s RANT! Activity will continue to be collaboratively related to words, however we will add a new feature: THE BOX. 
**Come with scissors, a blank piece of paper, and a printed periodical or book that you will NOT have to cut up.