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Mission & Board

Mission of the Marlboro Community Center

To support, nurture, and enrich the Marlboro Community

1 - Andy Horton.jpg

Andy Horton, Co-Chair

Andy Horton is co-chair of the Marlboro Community Center Board as well as Chair of the Marlboro Town Library Board. When she isn't reading or writing or gardening or cooking she is usually doing something else that is pretty fun.

1 - Lauren Poster.png

Lauren Poster, Co-Chair

Lauren Poster is a long time member of the Marlboro Alliance and is one of the founding members of the Community Center board.  Previously she served on the Marlboro School Board for many years.  She is the president of a private artist’s foundation as well as being an artist herself. Lauren loves cooking for our café, assisting with the Center’s art exhibits, working with the board, and doing her part to help our center thrive.

1 - Gail MacArthur.jpg

Gail MacArthur, Treasurer

I first came to Marlboro in 1969 to be with my husband Dan MacArthur. We have two children and four grandchildren who live nearby. For many years I drove school bus in Marlboro and was the Bus Coordinator. I’ve also been involved for many years in community service - as a member of the Marlboro Alliance, a former Selectboard person, a Justice of the Peace, and currently an Auditor and member of the DRB. I serve the Marlboro Community Center as the Treasurer and also as a member of the fundraising group Friends of the MCC. With my husband, and other family members I operate a small vegetable, berry and maple syrup farm, and enjoy riding my bike and spending time with friends and family.

1 - Laurie Panther.jpg

Laurie Panther

Laurie Panther is an alum of Marlboro College, and parent of recent Marlboro Institute graduate. She moved here from California in 2018 and built a home near South Pond. Laurie works with folks who have special needs or are otherwise marginalized, and has a community organizing background. Laurie is on the MCC event committee and emphasizes inclusion in all events.

1 - Tim Segar.jpg

Tim Segar

Tim Segar, long time Faculty Member at Marlboro College, got involved in the MCC helping out with Art shows and has since joined the board in various roles. He is always hopeful about the importance of community action.

1 - Joe Prignano.jpg

Joe Prignano

My wife Didi and I count ourselves fortunate to have found Marlboro and all its wonderful citizens when we retired. I have been pleased to have been a board member of both Marlboro Cares and the Marlboro Community Center. It was a pleasure to help with the destruction and construction of some of the interior to make way for our beautiful Community Center.

Marlboro Community Center Board

For questions about the MCC Board, contact Co-Chair Lauren Poster at

Board Meeting Minutes are available to the public online here.

MCC Board Committees
Representatives and Volunteers

Executive Committee

Lauren Poster, Andra Horton, Gail MacArthur, Tim Segar

Facilities Committee

Lauren Poster, Joe Prignano, Francie Marbury, Dianna Noyes, Dan Dennis, Jonathan Morse

Friends of MCC Fundraising Committee

Lauren Poster, Gail MacArthur, Lucy Gratwick, Bob Anderson, Edie Mas, Beth McDermott

Exhibition Committee

Tim Segar, Lauren Poster, Barbara Cole, Tina Olsen, Brent Seabrook

Events Committee

Laurie Panther, Gail MacArthur, Nancy Tognan, Elizabeth Johnson

Cafe Committee

Lauren Poster, Sophie Dennis

Anti-Racism & Inclusion Committee

Laurie Panther, Tim Segar

Marlboro Community Center Diversity Statement

The Community Center of Marlboro Vermont is committed to creating a welcoming environment. All visitors and staff will be treated with respect and attention - without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, ability, age, veteran status or political affiliation. Further we strive to create an atmosphere at the Community Center where all ideas are heard and shared with civility, respect, patience, and reciprocity.

The clear and pressing issues of structural racism in the U.S. and Vermont compels us to do several things that publicly state the Marlboro Vermont Community Center’s support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The BLM sign that is now on display inside the center is a visible gesture of that support, shared as it is, by people in front of their homes and businesses across the entire country.

In addition, the Marlboro Community Center website now lists a set of resources for individuals and groups to work on their own approach to issues of racism in the nation and our own community. We would also like to state our own support for an active Anti-Racist approach, which we feel will best effect change over the near and far term. What do we mean by an active anti-racist approach? We have committed to use The Anti–Racist Organizational Development Assessment tool to evaluate the actions and attitudes of the Marlboro Community Center.

Diversity Statement
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