Hold a Class at the Community Center

The Community Center can be used for classes. The space can be arranged to fit your

needs. Extra tables and chairs can be set up, or furniture can be moved aside to make

space for movement such as yoga or dance.  Reservations include the use of the kitchen & cooking equipment. To help publicize, we can add your class info to our bulletin board, website and e-newsletter.

Please  email the coordinator at MarlboroCommunityCenter@gmail.com with your preferred date and time. We will follow up with a rental form for you to fill out. Once confirmed, your reservation will be added to the public calendar.


Rental Pricing for Classes: 

  • Requested donation of 10% proceeds from the class

  • For free public classes a donation for operating expenses is appreciated, but not required. Suggested sliding scale: $5-20/hour. 


General Info:

  • Door Key Code will be emailed to you. Do not share this information with others

  • Scramble the code to the lock box when returning the front door key 

  • ​Light switches for the main space are in the vestibule

  • You may want to change the sign on the yellow door to “do not disturb”

  • Feel free to adjust the heat if needed  

  • Keep bathroom door open when not in use (winter only)

  • Wear indoor shoes/slippers/socks if possible to preserve the floor (winter only)

Class Policies:​

  • No smoking in the building

  • Leave the space in a clean and welcoming condition

  • Return chairs & tables to their original positions

  • Please take trash/recycling with you if it does not fit in the bin

  • Library & upstairs sanctuary spaces are not included in rental

  • Do not cross the fence onto our neighbor's land without permission

Covid Safety Protocols: ​​​

  • Masks are required for anyone who is unvaccinated

  • Maintain appropriate social distance from others

  • Turn on the ventilation system upon arrival. The gray control panel is to the left of the kitchen door. Please turn the system off before leaving.

  • There will be hand sanitizer & sanitizer wipes available on the front table

  • Please stay home if you or any of your close contacts feel unwell.