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Current Art on View

Paintings of Tink Turner

May 18 - July 30

Tink Turner drew pictures from a very young age and started painting when she was still a child; she began painting in oil after college.  She did some studying of art at the Worcester Art Museum School at Clark University for one year, a little bit more at Bennington College, and did a few art classes at Marlboro College, graduating in 1958, though she is primarily self-taught.  Tink had a few shows around Windham County including about three at Marlboro College in the 1960s into the 80s.  Her work here is all oil on canvas, most of which was completed in a studio behind her house.  Tink says that she really enjoyed the entire process of painting, including the manual aspect of building the canvas and adding gesso.  She especially liked the feel of the brush strokes, bringing out textures and color and dark and light contrast.  “I liked getting ideas out of the blue.”

Past Exhibits

Six Miles Square   
Photographs by Forrest Holzapfel 

It is my pleasure to share these photographs of Marlboro as seen over the last 20 years.  I have used my 8 x 10 inch view camera, assorted digital cameras and even an iPad to make these pictures.  These works honor our tiny corner of the world, from portraits, town events, and most recently to interacting with the tree citizens of town.


In the landscape of my hometown are artifacts and spaces which link to the past lives that have inhabited these spaces. The past and present is in flux, this stacking of ages the essence of my created photographic history of this single place of Marlboro, Vermont.  


~ Forrest Holzapfel


Marlboro Makers

The Marlboro Community Center is glad to host a diverse show of artists, craftspeople, and inventors. Paintings, ceramics, woodworking, weaving, and other practical objects are on view. Some items are for sale to benefit the Center others are not for sale, but all in all they represent a cross-section of our creative community.
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