Board Info

The Marlboro Community Center is run by a Board, which meets monthly. 

Board Meeting Minutes

We currently have openings for new members. Please email Board Chair, Lauren Poster for more info at

MCC Board Members

Lauren Poster

Chair, Marlboro Alliance Representative

Andra Horton


Library Representative

Gail MacArthur


MCC Committees

Jamie Schilling

Secretary (on-leave)

Executive Committee

Lauren Poster, Andra Horton, Gail MacArthur,

Facilites Committee

Lauren Poster, Francie Marbury, Joe Prignano

Laurie Panther


Joe Prignano

Marlboro Cares Representative

Tim Segar


Friends of MCC Fundraising Committee

Lucy Gratwick, Bob Anderson, Edie Mas, Beth McDermott, Lauren Poster

Exhibition Committee

Tim Segar, Barbara Cole, Lauren Poster

Anti-racism & Inclusion Committee

Tim Segar, Laurie Panther